Thursday, January 1, 2009


That's what my New Year's Eve celebration was--uninspiring.  I definitely had a great time with amazing friends (I'm pretty sure my extremely high bar tab will single handedly help the economy). 

There is such a stigma around this "holiday" that it is almost always a let down. Have you ever listened to the song (Auld Lang Syne) that plays at midnight? The song itself is extremely melancholy and I truly wonder how many people commit suicide on NYE to that exact song?

Back to the uninspiring I look back at the 365 days of 2008 I realize how uninspired I was. I guess for so long I was looking to be inspired instead of working to inspire myself.  It's not always about surroundings..sometimes you have to be the inspiration you're looking for.   

So here's my written commitment to myself and each of you that I will be inspired in 2009.  I will write more and look for more opportunities to challenge myself.  If I start to get stale, please tell me.

"If you only do what you know you can do--you never do very much"-Tom Krause

Cheers and Best Wishes in '09.



JB said...

NYE is always over-hyped and always under-delivers. Halloween and July 4 are similair, though not as bad.

Anonymous said...

Very similar.