Sunday, January 4, 2009

DV R you kidding me?

Consider this DVR is now my frienemy. Up until a few minutes ago, we were pretty much BFF's.  Picture a nice little, going for a run, watching the Eagles win, having your roommate cook an amazing dinner, ending with the tear-jerker movie "The Nanny Express" on the Hallmark channel.  

Wouldn't you know the entire movie was based on the nanny falling in love with the dad (aren't they all?) and we waited with baited breath for them to live happily ever after.  The last scene shows her teaching at her new job and out of the blue like a fairy tale the dad appears and then...


Yeah, NOTHING.  The DVR cut off the end of the movie!  AGH! So annoying. So we now have to wait until January 9th at 9pm to see how it ends!  DVR, you are the Nicole Ritchie to my Paris Hilton.  You are the Hillary Duff to my Lindsay Lohan.  You are the Jessica Simpson to my Carrie Underwood.  You are the Angelina Homewrecker to my Jennifer Aniston.  You are the Heidi to my Lauren.  You are the Obama to my McCain.  



Sarah said...

Love the analogies at the end and the showing of your, well wait, I guess that does not definitively state your political views.