Friday, August 28, 2009

Twitter..the good, the bad and the ANNOYING. (yes, you Kim Kardashian)

I recently joined the wonderful world of twitter or "twittersphere" as some people heinously refer to it. While I won't go into the million things I've learned about twitter or why I think it's legitimately worthwhile (think quality tweets, not "OMG, that guy in line at Target is HOT"), I do want to make a few points here.

Over the course of the last few months I've begun following some great people. No one has time to search the massive confines of the Internet, so it helps me to follow people in the same industry (health care, freelance writing, charity) and read what they think is important enough to share, or retweet (which really means to copy and paste someone else's message). I have found some wonderful articles about freelance writing, gotten in touch with some entrepreneurs, and gotten sound advice on planning events, among many other things.

Obviously with all good things come a few bad. I am a celebrity junky when it comes to gossip and reality shows..don't judge probably are too. So in nature, I follow quite a few of the celebs on twitter..just to see what the hell is going on in their starlit life. I've also been following some AWESOME charity organizations with simple posts...% of sales at a popular store being given to charity, pass along this inspiring message or health related topics that could save someone's life, and even Amber Alerts which is amazing.

Here's my favorite example... if you follow @AlexsLemonade Volvo will donate $1 for each follower to childhood cancer. But for some reason people don't find that worthy enough to retweet..they'd rather talk about what color perfume bottle @KimKardashian should have?

While I agree each person's "twitter account" is their own and it should reflect their interests, not mine, I wish they would broaden themselves up a bit.
Those on twitter that have been successful enough to have TONS of followers (congrats on that) but do nothing but promote themselves really annoy me. Stop being so selfish on twitter and in everyday life. Try doing some good.

Feel free to share your comments (similar or opposing)..who do you follow that are "faux friendlys" and who on there do you feel does really worthwhile work?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Focus On Women -- 2 articles in August 09 issue

Click on either to read my articles in this month's Focus on Women magazine! Great little publication in Fort Bend County.

The Truth About High Heels (p. 50)

Ready to Jump Back in Bed with that Loud, Snoring Husband of Yours? (p.52)

What health topic do you want to hear about? Leave a comment and maybe you'll see it in print!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saying "No Thanks" to lunch dates...

A couple weeks ago I had a speaking engagement for work in front of a large group. Afterwards there was a brief meet and greet type deal and this guy approached me and sparked an uninteresting, full-on awkward conversation. As I was wrapping up (aka, walking away), he asked me if I ever wanted to grab front of numerous others. Of course my business cards were on the table out front so he had my number, email address and work address, merely for business purposes, and like diarrhea of the mouth, I responded "sure", because what else would you say in that scenario?

"Oh, I'm not interested."

"No thanks, I have a boyfriend."

"I'm way too busy."

"Before I commit to this lunch, what are your intentions? Are we going to discuss business or is this an attempt to get to know one another on a personal level because that is unacceptable?"

What if he only meant a casual, platonic lunch..maybe even to talk about business (which I still can't seem to draw the connection given both of our industries).

So here's the proverbial question...What Do You Say?

I was hoping it was a rhetorical question and he never intended on calling to follow up on lunch. Maybe he ran out of things to say during our encounter and didn't want to sound rude so he casually mentioned lunch? such luck. He called...and has continued to call. I have been a coward and ignoring his calls and even accidentally answering and then saying "hold on" and then hanging up. I know I know..not mature at all. But since I already said yes, how do you get out of it?

I find lunch with a man you don't really know, who isn't directly related to business at hand to be inappropriate for someone in a relationship, but how do you say that without sounding like an a$$? What if you respond to his offer "That sounds great, but I have a boyfriend" and they counter with something like "I was just going to talk to you about how you market health care in this region, you conceited biatch!" Are you supposed to ask up front "Before we go to lunch, what are your intentions?" because that sounds heinously crazy.

What is the right answer, or is there one?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

apparently I'm not alone

recently I posted this about my adult shenanigans and got tons of comments on my social media pages.

And here is my favorite.. thanks to my friend Robyn for throwing her sister under the bus...or off the bulldozer..I am not alone..THE SAME BULLDOZER ON THE SAME strikes again.
I love my friends..and our like-minded silly/craziness.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help United Way by buying discounted Astros tickets!

$2 for every ticket sold using this link and password (hermann) will go back to the United Way campaign. Only good for Thursday, 8/20 game.

Stop by Lucky's Pub for great Happy Hour prices before the game and catch the shuttle to the stadium.

Anyone is eligible. Pass it around and enjoy!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my black the form of a bulldozer

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that my black cloud followed me on my vacation home to Virgina.

The story goes a little something like this..

My friend Janet and I went to Granby street for drinks and girl time. On our way back to the parking garage, low and behold there is a HUGE yellow bulldozer sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. It was like a gift from God with a sign saying "Here is a prop for your weekend photoshoot". I mean was directly in the middle from the bar to the parking garage, IN THE SIDEWALK on the way to the car. Any normal human obsessed with picture taking would have jumped on the opportunity..or bulldozer.

After a few fun photos (that didn't hurt anyone), Mr. Policeman pulls up, lights blazing, shining his flashlight telling me I'm trespassing. Since when does the middle of the sidewalk, with no signs, no caution tape, equal trespassing? I'm really not trying to be a smart a$$, but doesn't it have to be private property or equipped with proper signage to denote trespassing? And I might add this picture is of me asking the cop to take our picture..before I get off the bulldozer. Opps.

Off the bat, Mr. Policeman is not a fan of my antics and threatens to write me a ticket for Trespassing. As I'm stepping off the bulldozer he starts threatening to take me to jail for Drunk in Public, which made me think I was off the hook, SINCE I WASN'T DRUNK. Though the picture above DOES look like I'm wasted, that is my natural, beautiful appearance.


After he repeatedly threatened to take me to jail for being drunk in public, I got somewhat offended and asked for a Breathalyzer. You have to prove someone is in fact drunk to write them a ticket for drunk in public, correct? He refused to give me a Breathalyzer and instead puts me in handcuffs and in the back of the cop car, trying to prove his 5'2 stature of being a real man. After much begging from my dear friend, he let me go with a ticket for Disorderly Conduct.

The moral of the story-I was smarter than the cop by telling him he wasn't feasible to give me a drunk in public ticket without proving I was drunk. BUT, I was stupider than the cop by telling him that so he could write me a "legitimate" ticket for something else stupid.

And all I have to show for it is this stupid picture. I should frame it right next to the ticket.

For those that are familiar with the Granby Street area in Norfolk, I think we can all agree there are more important things for the cops to be doing than harassing two twenty-seven year olds just having old fashion fun. Our conduct was far from disorderly.

(All joking aside, I plan to write a post and letter to the local editor about how cops think they rule the world, and even when you're right, if the cop says you're wrong, you're just plain wrong.)


Monday, August 3, 2009

Fight Breast Cancer One Bra at a Time

Contact: Jayme Lamm

August 3, 2009

Introducing BRA ART – A New Way to Fight Breast Cancer

Houston – Charity Chicks Houston continues to fight strong with their promise to raise awareness and money for worthy non-profits in a fun, creative way as they roll out BRA ART.

BRA ART is a unique themed bra decorated with love, hope and courage by groups or individuals raising money and awareness for breast cancer and The Save the Ta-tas Foundation. The group welcomes and encourages creativity for each bra to be a masterpiece of art, whether it’s in honor of someone who’s battled the disease or something completely out of the ordinary. This is Houston’s chance to show what creativity and good will lurks in each and every mind.

“We got the idea from an event in Virginia, where the other Charity Chicks founder is from,” said Tam’ra Powell, co-founder of Charity Chicks Houston. “We wanted to take the idea 10 steps forward and really make it fun. We are so blessed to live in a large urban city with artists coming out of the woodwork, we really wanted to appeal to those groups.”

The group will showcase the Top 50 BRA ART entries at their BRAtober 16th event at the Bering and James Art Gallery where the winner will be based on People’s Choice. The BRA ART and BRAtober 16 event will give all net proceeds to The Save the Ta-tas Foundation. The Save the Ta-tas Foundation exists for the advancement of breast cancer awareness, education and prevention, and to aid in the fight to find a cure. This national organization is supported by a growing base of like-minded individuals and businesses who share the view that "laughter heals" which is similar to the volunteers Charity Chicks recruits.

The winner will receive an unprecedented amount of paparazzi-like attention at the event and in the press, as well as be named the co-donor of raised funds to The Save the Ta-tas Foundation. The only 2 rules to submit a BRA ART entry are to be creative and to include nothing X-rated on the bras. The bras were generously donated by Maidenform. To sign up or learn more, visit the website and donate $50 to The Save the Ta-tas Foundation. All entries must be submitted by October 3 in order to be eligible.

“We feel every person has some sort of creative gene in their body so this ‘contest’ really does give everyone an equal chance. The winner is judged on creativity and it’s all in the name of ta-tas, so bring on the donations. Thankfully Maidenform donated plenty of bras, so don’t hesitate if you want to decorate a couple of them!” Powell continues.

-- CCH --
Charity Chicks Houston got the great idea from Charity Chicks Orlando (unaffiliated, but a truly inspiring group of women) and then added their own flair to the group in Houston.
The group meets throughout the year for a host of reasons and causes. Charity Chicks Houston plans at least one event per quarter to support a local charity either by volunteering or raising money - or both. The group also attends and helps with other activities throughout the year to continue to promote the plethora of charitable events in the great city of Houston.
The events and the organizations CCH chooses to support vary throughout the year based on current situations and the passion of members. The group is not affiliated with any particular non-profit organizations. The group is unpaid and there are no time or financial commitments to join or participate.