Friday, August 28, 2009

Twitter..the good, the bad and the ANNOYING. (yes, you Kim Kardashian)

I recently joined the wonderful world of twitter or "twittersphere" as some people heinously refer to it. While I won't go into the million things I've learned about twitter or why I think it's legitimately worthwhile (think quality tweets, not "OMG, that guy in line at Target is HOT"), I do want to make a few points here.

Over the course of the last few months I've begun following some great people. No one has time to search the massive confines of the Internet, so it helps me to follow people in the same industry (health care, freelance writing, charity) and read what they think is important enough to share, or retweet (which really means to copy and paste someone else's message). I have found some wonderful articles about freelance writing, gotten in touch with some entrepreneurs, and gotten sound advice on planning events, among many other things.

Obviously with all good things come a few bad. I am a celebrity junky when it comes to gossip and reality shows..don't judge probably are too. So in nature, I follow quite a few of the celebs on twitter..just to see what the hell is going on in their starlit life. I've also been following some AWESOME charity organizations with simple posts...% of sales at a popular store being given to charity, pass along this inspiring message or health related topics that could save someone's life, and even Amber Alerts which is amazing.

Here's my favorite example... if you follow @AlexsLemonade Volvo will donate $1 for each follower to childhood cancer. But for some reason people don't find that worthy enough to retweet..they'd rather talk about what color perfume bottle @KimKardashian should have?

While I agree each person's "twitter account" is their own and it should reflect their interests, not mine, I wish they would broaden themselves up a bit.
Those on twitter that have been successful enough to have TONS of followers (congrats on that) but do nothing but promote themselves really annoy me. Stop being so selfish on twitter and in everyday life. Try doing some good.

Feel free to share your comments (similar or opposing)..who do you follow that are "faux friendlys" and who on there do you feel does really worthwhile work?


k said...

i'd like to see this tweet kim left you. hilarious, you stir up trouble from the confines of your computer screen!