Friday, July 2, 2010

I wished for a passion and found "Wish Upon a Wedding"

My life has been stale lately. Stale as an old Ritz cracker. One may ask, how can that be, you're always so busy? Busy - absolutely. Loving life and feeling passionate - not so much lately.

Then I stumbled upon Wish Upon a Wedding, a non-profit that grants wedding and civil union ceremonies for adults with terminal illnesses, at destinations across the United States. This was it! Finally something to give me goosebumps!

Truth be told, I won't be planning my own wedding anytime soon or getting excited about my own nuptials (read completely single), so why not get jazzed about someone else's dream!?

The Houston chapter had their launch party at the Westin Galleria Wednesday, where I got to mingle with some of the finest photographers, event planners/coordinators, DJs, makeup artists, florists, bakeries, etc. in the great city of Houston. I am photographed here with one of my new BFFs (and amazing diva and volunteer) Crystal of Professional Socialites where we went crazy brainstorming ways I could get Charity Chicks Houston involved!

After watching the video of Rehanna and Christian and their special day, I knew this was a cause I had to spread the word about! I can't necessarily volunteer my services because I'm not in the industry, but I know lots of people that may want to help.

So here are a few ridiculously easy and heartfelt ways YOU can help this amazing group:

1. Do you know someone that deserves a wedding that may be facing a terminal illness? Submit an application for them.

2. Are you (or do you know someone) who is in the wedding industry that wants to be a Wish Granter? Post a small blurb (link to this blog, their website, etc.) on twitter, facebook, email, etc. - you never know who your positive word will reach.

The group was officially launched in January of this year and they already have a ton of chapters. If you live in one of these areas and want to help or learn more (or start your own chapter in a city not listed), please reach out to them.

Current Chapters:

-Northern California
-Southern California
-St. Louis
-The Carolinas
-D.C. (Maryland, Virginia, D.C. and West Virginia)
-Las Vegas
-South Florida/Miami