Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tennis...the game of LOVE-40

In attempts to get rid of the recent fat that has found its way to my belly, thighs, cheeks (both kinds) and other places I'm too ashamed to mention...I conned my boyfriend into a friendly (but still athletic) game of tennis.

Here's a short blurb of my conversation with my boyfriend, the tennis coach:

Me: George! Play like a normal human, you're my workout partner. 

George:  You're not my partner, you're my opponent.

Me: No babe, this is a workout, we are know, tennis partners.

George: You're on the other side of the net, therefore my OPPONENT.  And what does a normal human play like?

Me: Opponents don't go to Target and buy rackets together.  I doubt Roddick and Federer went shopping to buy rackets together, therefore we are PARTNERS!

A friendly game of tennis to a girl consists of aggressive volleying back and forth with some hustle here and there...and a friendly game of tennis to a guy simply doesn't exist.  


ART & AC in Houston !!

ArtHouston 2009 is kicking off their 30th year this Saturday, July 11th at 36 galleries all over Houston (and all have air-conditioning!).

This is the perfect event for young artists or young art collectors and the galleries will be donating funds to help Hurricane Ike reconstruction.

The event is FREE and open to the public. The art scene in Houston is growing exponentially so check it out. If you want to start your own art collection for your first house or apartment, be sure to visit this event..they've got experts to point you in the right direction to find your perfect piece!

The event is from noon until 8pm on Satuday (the kick-off day) and most exhibits will be open the entire month of July. Be sure to check out my favorite...Bering and James located at 805 Rhode Place.

If you need more info or to get a copy of the brochure, call Mariah or Matthew at 713.522.9116 or visit the website.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Out of all my accessories, he's my favorite!"

(This is a story I wrote for my friends Jen and Josh on their recent engagement!) 

"Out of all my accessories, he's my favorite!"

      -Jen Henrichsen on her recent engagement to leading man, Josh Brown

Houston socialite and rockstar, Jennifer Henrichsen (known to the public as JenHen) returned home after a week long vacation in Key West, sporting a 99-diamond engagement ring on her reserved digit, courtesy of world-famous physical therapist, Josh Brown. 

Sources close to the couple tell us that Josh had been carrying the ring around the entire trip waiting for the “perfect” moment to pop the question.  The couple pulled an unthinkable stunt by boarding a 3-hour sunset cruise out of Key West for a romantic getaway..along with sixty other civilians.  Trying to avoid massive attention from passengers, Jen wore a gargantuan brim sunhat hiding her newly tanned face and Josh donned his white Armani shades. 

Reports indicate halfway through the cruise, Josh got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me and be my rockstar?”  An inside source, who wishes to remain anonymous, corroborates other reports that the starlet “was shocked and immediately said yes”.  Growing suspicious of the activity at the back of the boat, the passengers anxiously awaited to hear her answer.  Josh, seeming more nervous than working on an Olympic athlete’s broken leg shouted, “she said YES!”  Even the folks back on Duval Street could hear him.  Still unbeknownst of the couple’s famed status, the passengers cheered and congratulated the picture perfect couple.

Paparazzi were not allowed anywhere near the cruise ship due to the couple’s massive bodyguards in tow, but a nearby artist, Melissa Sims, sketched this picture just moments after the happy couple’s official engagement…  


The couple was still beaming with joy as the captain announced the news over the loudspeaker and toasted to a wonderful, glamorous life together.  The attention was by far the least amount they’ve received in recent months.  Eyewitnesses report the proposal was “intimate with lots of love and little fanfare”.

Later that evening the couple was spotted sharing a candlelit dinner and bottle of the finest cabernet at Key West’s prime dining destination, Martin’s on Duval.

Wireless provider, AT&T first leaked the story to the media by explaining to customers on their website the 5-hour wireless outage was “due to the Rock Star engagement of Josh and Jen that took over all our towers for sharing the news with friends and family via hundreds of phone calls, millions of text messages and multiple facebook updates.”  Reps from AT&T have yet to return our phone calls to determine how this invasion of privacy took place. 

Both reps confirm the engagement and report the soon-to-be-wed couple is beyond thrilled to continue their amazing life together.  A date has yet to be set, but the bride-to-be is diligently using her creativeness along side a wedding coordinator to plan the wedding of the century. 

(This story was written in jest for a fun-loving and creative couple.  The people in the story and the scenes are real.  Congratulations to Josh and Jen on their recent engagement…love your friends and family)