Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Need Some Unicorn Magic In My Life - AGAD

It's no secret that things in my life lately haven't been magical (well, with the exception of #BiSC last week). Un-magical in the sense I'm not securing any new clients or book deals, I'm not on some ridiculously insane schedule to help my productivity, I'm not even going to church regularly anymore or eating a semi-normal diet.

Well all that's about to change - I need some unicorn magic in my life, so I got to thinking (while currently on ambien, yes) - I'm going to start A Goal A Day (which I'll lovingly and annoyingly refer to as AGAD).

It's quite simple - to help me get better on track as to the person I know I can and should be, I'm going to set a goal aside each night that I will tackle the next day. Said goals can range anywhere from an intense workout, writing an article, pitching a new editor or publisher, eating healthy all day, cleaning my house, updating my resume, running errands, updating Charity Chicks Houston, sending out snail mail cards to loved ones or long overdue thank you cards - whatever I think it is that needs some positive influence and motivation in my life. Goals are good to have yes, so why not make one a day? Rather than some lengthy and editorial like to-do list, just AGAD to get me acclimated to using my time and my brain cells in a more efficient manner.

What do you think? What other daily goals should I add to this list?Should I devote an entire day to still trying to teach myself how to dougie?

My first goal for tomorrow, Memorial Day, is to have an insane workout. I really need it to clear my head out. I'm talking running up and down my parking garage and the stairs for 45 minutes. In 95 degree weather. Then head to the gym and do pushups until my arms fall off. Also, to start off a bit overzealous like I typically do, my second goal of the day is to remind people what Memorial Day is - because as we all should know, it's much more than an excuse to BBQ and run around in bikinis.

So leave me a comment on one of two things: first, what easy and attainable goals can I add to my rotating list (remember, there are 365 days/year, so I need more things to work on), and secondly, what does Memorial Day mean to YOU?