Friday, January 2, 2009

Announcing Charity Chicks Houston..

My friend Tam'ra and I just started Charity Chicks Houston and I'm so excited to be a co-founder of this great organization. (Kudos to Paul Carola for creating our logo!)

The Short Version

Charity Chicks Houston is a slew of chicks (and even some guys) in Houston that get together to do charitable work for various non-profits.

The Detailed Version

Tam’ra and Jayme (the founders) got the great idea from Charity Chicks Orlando (unaffiliated, but a truly inspiring group of women) and then added their own flair to the group here in Houston.

We get together throughout the year for a host of reasons and causes. Charity Chicks Houston plans one event per quarter (subsequently 4 a year) to support a local charity either by volunteering or raising money - or both! Aside from planning our own shin-digs, we also attend and help with other activities throughout the year to continue to promote the plethora of charitable events in the great city of Houston. We also get together every so often for no reason other than to enjoy the occasional happy hour.

The events we choose to attend or plan and the organizations we choose to support vary throughout the year based on current situations and the passion of our members. We are not affiliated with any particular non-profit organizations…we are just Charity Chicks.

Sounds amazing, right? You can be a Charity Chick in a variety of ways:

Super Woman Charity Chick - You attend events, raise money and awareness for the causes, help plan activities and logistics of events, attend meetings and anything else that interests you.

Sugar Mama Charity Chick – You help secure donations, auction items, raffle items, food/beverages and other items for charitable events.

Fun-Loving Charity Chick – You have the good in your heart to be every kind of Charity Chick, but for now you just want to attend the events for fun and support…and of course, you bring your friends with you!

Charity Chick Fan - You want to be included on the email list, but can’t yet commit to Charity Chicks. if you get an email that looks good, you’ll help spread the word about Charity Chicks Houston by telling your friends, family members, colleagues and contacts about our events and efforts.

Our Peeps - We welcome the participation and support of our male friends, who we lovingly refer to as our peeps.

If you or anyone you know is interested in getting on board with this great group for wonderful causes all throughout Houston, leave a comment or shoot us an email at