Thursday, January 15, 2009

looking for lubricant..

and not even close to what you were thinking based on my title. I've really enjoyed getting back to my writing (and hopefully you have too) because I've always wanted to be a writer in some form or facet...but I need your help.

As an aspiring writer there are days when my creative juices aren't flowing and I feel like I need something, like a lubricant, to get them flowing again.  I lead a busy life and it's frustrating to find time to dedicate to writing and two hours later realize the screen is blank, or even worse that my writing is garbage.  

So I'm posting this to anyone that's ever written anything or been creative (graphics, painting, jewelry-making, interior design, photography, name it) to let me know what gets your creativity going. What inspires you?  The coolest part about working for most advertising agencies is that they have "creative rooms" fully equipped with a wii, a diverse magazine selection, coloring books, word games and much more.  I need to make my own creative room and need help!

Please share your secrets with me..your favorite websites, books, writing exercises, tv shows.  If you don't deem yourself creative, I'm sure you know someone who is and I'd be grateful if you could forward this posting to those creative souls in your network.  Thanks!



Tam'ra said...

I love coloring books!

In terms of inspiration, if I feel truly uninspired, I take a trip to a new place. Even if it's a road trip. I walk around a flower / farmer's market. I read my fave magazine (Fast Company) because there are always people doing such innovative things featured. Good question, I'll keep thinking.

Joanna said...

Wanna know what gets my creative juices going? My tear sheet book. It's almost like a scrap book. I put snippets of fabrics, drawings, colors, everything in it. Also I have a huge tool box full of Primacolors. If only I could have more. :)

Michael said...

Well you could always follow the lead of a brilliant man named Albert Einstein and hold some balls in your hand and fall asleep. He felt that he came up with the best ideas when on the brink of sleep so he used the balls to wake him suddenly and used that time to invent.

I personally don't do that...Great advise ehh?

Personally there are numerous things that spark creativity for me. Some days it is just sitting down with a good bottle of wine out on the balcony. Other days it is going where there are large crowds of people that I can observe and be entertained by their actions and reactions and try to build a story around what is happening since I am unable to hear what is actually going on. Then of course there is jogging.

I am sure each person is very different so you could always just pull a Happy Gilmore and go to your "Happy Place"

Anonymous said...

If your juices are flowing, you don't need a lubricant. Your blog is great, keep it going. You are the writer you want to be. Keep the dream alive and don't let it go.

Your Grey Haired Guy