Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stairway to Heaven

I've been MIA lately because as the damn dark cloud overhead would have it, I was hospitalized and broke more stuff.  This experience gives the Led Zeppelin song a whole new meaning.  As if a broken tibia and cast weren't enough, I fell down the stairs at a friends house during an amazingly fun girls photoshoot and ended up in the trauma unit.  I suffered a severe concussion, fractured elbow, sprained finger and bruised kidney-
I am the Q U E  E N of C L U M S Y.

After being hospitalized, a week of bed rest and the brunt of numerous jokes and nicknames I think I'm almost back to normal..whatever that is. Thanks to everyone for the calls and help..especially Tam'ra, Patrick (so sorry), Sunshine (again, so sorry), Justin, Sally and Sati. I'm a very lucky girl (minus all the current ailments) for having such great friends.  

And yes, I rocked a McNabb jersey in the hospital. It was part of my getup for the photoshoot which hopefully will be rescheduled when all the bruises disappear!

I am now officially terrified of stairs. Swear.

Dear Santa,
Please send me a bedazzled helmet for Christmas to protect my dome.
Please and thanks.

While my life is pretty much summed up in funny little random stories, all kidding aside, this was the most traumatizing experience I've ever been through.  I was so scared without my parents and hearing all the possible talk about brain swelling and bleeding was too much. The worst part was being in the room with someone fighting for their life and hearing the doctors call the time of death. I've prayed for her and her family everyday since.  It's amazing how one little trip down a flight of stairs can put things in perspective.   



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I think you should have mentioned the part about the paramedics stripping before they took you away!