Monday, December 15, 2008

My Own Brand Timeline Portrait

Jane is a cool chick with a badass blog who works in advertising.  She came up with this radical (albeit nerdy) idea to track the brands she used on a given day.  

Since I'm into branding and feel the brands one chooses directly reflects personality, I wanted to create my own and TODAY was the day. I consider most of the brands I use to be my "cultural accessories" and as you well know,  a girl can never have too many accessories!

I'm sure I forgot a few things (i.e. toilet paper), but after massive head trauma cut me some slack.  

So here's mine..comment and let me know what you think..



El Cheese said...

as much as i hate "branding", this is kinda a cute idea. it can open up brands to people that might not have heard of some prior. what head trauma??