Monday, December 1, 2008

I lalalove Monday Night Football

Thanks to my boss for the great birthday tickets to the game tonight!  And it was actually cold in Houston for once, hence the Battle Red Scarf.  

One of my favorite things to do is laugh so hard I either cry or pee my public you can probably guess which one works best. This is one of those stories you'll ask "oh, you had to be there?" But just try to picture the hilarity..Sophie and I laughed so hard..

As the Texans scored a touchdown (I'll admit they are few and far between), everyone jumped up sloshing everywhere and all that good stuff.  The guy (old man) in front of us jumped up and did one of those leaps where you lean forward mid air and stick your finger out screaming #1. Well, dude's feet did NOT touch the ground again..he belly flopped directly into the concrete, down the stairs and face first into a ketchup packet.  I truly cannot make this stuff up no matter how overactive my imagination might be.  

Needless to say, I was entertained laughing at this man (who by the way tried to pretend like it NEVER happened) while all the men around the stadium were hooting and hollering at the Texan Cheerleaders.  Hey, we all have our priorities and I'm not judging..

Monday Night Football is probably the best thing to do on a Monday and this was the first time in Texas history it was here!  Too bad I didn't see Erin Andrews because we all know how I feel about her (and if you don't, just ask)..

Texans 30- Jaguars 17



Anonymous said...

How do you feel about Erin Andrews?

jlamm said...

I think she's freaking hot. and then some.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should make out with her?!?!?!

jlamm said...

I would love to actually..can you hook it up? She's my girl crush..and the only female sports commentator that doesn't remind me of a weekend softball tournament.. (and I played softball so I'm allowed to say that)

Anonymous said...

I'll keep my comments about softball players to myself!

Sophie said...

This has once again brought tears to my eyes, but you forgot to mention his friend that was dry-humping the air while he was looking for his glasses. I unfortunately missed the actual fall but the look on your face was priceless. Oh, and toothless Joe that stalked us in his hydraulic hearse....only in Houston! Thanks for taking me, so much fun!

El Cheese said...

that's hilarious!!

and yes, erin andrews is HOT!

KEITH said...

+1 for Erin Andrews