Sunday, December 21, 2008

I love balls.

Cake balls that is.  I got this great recipe from Bakerella and I must say, they turned out pretty well (my only critics so far are David and Brent).  I guess balls are all the rave for baking because just last week Andrea turned me on to Oreo balls and those were money too.  (please note, this picture is from Bakerella's blog..mine did not turn out quite so pretty.)

Why do so many of my statements start with "is it bad.."?  While I'm beaming in delight over my cake balls, I must confess not everything I baked tonight turned out bueno.  

So my question is...

Is it bad if you bake something and royally f'ed it up to take them to a homeless person?  I mean..I don't really want to throw away the chocolate covered crap I just made and they are hungry, right?