Tuesday, May 19, 2009

who cares if I'm naked?

I've noticed over the past couple months that more and more friends of mine have blogs. For numerous reasons..to share pictures and experiences of their families and new additions, to vent about work, to keep in touch with friends and family..whatever the case may be.

One of my sorority sisters in particular has a cute little blog about her happy family, which don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled about. I also noticed that her "Blog List" contains links to every one of our sorority sisters...but NOT ME. And we are friends. She even links to some of our sisters she couldn't stand. Sure, times change. Differences are resolved. We grow up. I get it.

And then it hit me.

I'm too naked for her. I understand she has a family and is blessed with a social acumen I could never comprehend. What would people think if she read a site like this? Imagine if her mother-in-law decked in pearls and diamonds and Chanel reading glasses leaned over her computer and saw her computer read A $ $.

Blogs are meant to be personal and I won't apologize that sometimes my life is a little more expletive or that I like words you won't find in the Bible. I'm a writer and I started this blog to enhance my creativity and writing which means I'm educated enough to know when to turn it down and honest enough to know when to bring the heat. When I started brainstorming what I would write about I thought about writing under a pseudonym, but I like my writing and am not afraid to be judged, with perhaps a few limits here and there. That's what life is all about.

I made it clear when starting this blog that I was breaking one of the most prominent blog rules out there:

Stay focused and Stay on Topic.

I don't want to. I write about me, my experiences, things I've published, things I do, things I want to do. My blog is just that...MY BLOG. I don't think I write anything offensive. Even though the name is A$$, it's not nearly as bad as you think it is. I don't use it as a bad word. Go ahead, read about it.

And you know what else? I'm not as naked as I want to be. Like on this post ..when I fell down the stairs and had head trauma, I failed to mention that "an amazingly fun girls photoshoot" was code for a semi-nude/lingerie shoot which looked like the production of a porn. I was actually naked and didn't even post it. Ironic, no?

I'm going to continue being naked and continue to say A$$ as much as I want. Hell, some of us look better naked and I've been told quite a few times my writing is better naked.



Dana said...

I feel ya on this one. Some of the stories I want to tell on my blog, I feel like I need to edit because they might be offensive to some people. You just inspired me to write about the one I've been holding back on though. Thanks!

JLL INGRAM said...

um don't hold back- they are more fun to read. mine is boring i know...but i get uncomfortable telling the "naked truth" as you might have it. maybe i'll change. you weren't talking about my "Cute little blog" were you? b/c i can think of many other sorority sisters who ONLY talk about their kids...so i doubt its me. anyhoo...write on sister..don't hold back! what do you have to loose anyway?

jlamm said...

Dane, bring on that post..I wanna read the juicy ones!

Lindsay...not you my dear :) but your blog is "a cute little" one as well