Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm too sexy for my shirt..

Oh how I wish that were the case.  Since my recent shoulder surgery, it has been quite a feat to dress myself and most of my smaller shirts are completely off limits for the mere fact I cannot move my shoulder high enough to get the shirt over my head.  Until today...

I just bought my first pair of scrubs (even though I work in the medical industry, I don't wear scrubs) for a Pub Crawl for MS on Saturday.  I was so excited to try these scrubs on imaging I'd look like Meredith Grey or something but of course with much bigger boobs.

But the XS would NOT, I repeat, would NOT come off.  I had to call for reinforcements to literally drive to my house and either rip or cut this damn top off.  Talk about claustrophobia at its finest..feeling trapped inside a cotton morsel of clothing.  

And oh how sexy it must have been for my boyfriend to drive all the way over here and pry this damn shirt off my swollen post-surgery one-armed body with recently added lbs.  As with most things in my life picturing this escapade simply would not do it justice.  Welcome to my life.