Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My New Favorite, ONE OF A KIND Purse !!

Isabella Dean owner, Kristi Kotsatos has spread her creative wings to open up the Zoe Klutch line exclusively available at etsy.

Kotsatos is still continuing strong with her eco-friendly line of up-cycled jewelry, but has since expanded to up-cycled clutches (or Klutches to add that extra level of flair) for an everyday purpose for nearly every type of gal. She takes typical t-shirts (new or old, but preferably old meaningful t-shirts) and uses the graphic, in this case, my Alma Mater, "Mason" and makes it the design of the purse. She's also clever enough to use vintage denim to line the inside to not only make it more durable, but to use the pockets as actual pockets for the hold lip gloss, cell phone, the what-have-yous.

Even when making a custom piece, Kotsatos is one step ahead and making recommendations to her clients so the potential of the klutch is maxed. As you can see the t-shirt she used for my purse was white. She knows how much of a sports fanatic I am and suggested using a soft heather grey backing of the purse so I can lay it on the ground of a stadium without compromising the crisp clean look.

She does all of her crafts-womanship based out of her studio in Houston, TX but people all over the country and Esty lovers alike are scooping up the Zoe goods as soon as they hit the wire..

These are one-of-a-kind, up-cycled accessories and made from the heart and soul of up-cycled creationare, Kristi Kotsatos. To get one custom made, email and tell her I sent you!



Sarah said...

I love it! Will be searching for the perfect fabric and placing my order in time to get it for FSU Football Season '09!

Dana said...

I love it!! I'm so jealous!