Thursday, May 7, 2009

Apparently Kenny Chesney lied when he said love don’t happen twice..

LOVESICK.  That's what my friend Jen and her boyfriend Josh are.  I always make fun of her and she recently started a blog so here is her intro to the blog world written by yours truly..

There once was this girl named Jen who all the boys adored. You’d walk into a bar and they’d gravitate to her. Even if you were wearing a see-through bikini they’d find their way to HER. A grocery store…same thing. A library..yup. You get the picture. She was tall, had long hair (but always wanted longer hair like Rapunzel), played volleyball whenever possible, never left her house without her camera strategically placed in her right hand and had creative juices flowing like Sunny Delight from a can. My Grandpa used to put on his Velcro sneakers faster than I’d ever seen just to catch a glimpse of her walking by…even with a broken hip.

But none of those boys (including Grandpa) meant a thing to her or made her heart flutter like a Britney Spears concert used to. Why? Because she has * Josh *. He’s the one “that makes her heart happy and constantly gives her butterflies.” She thinks he’s the “greatest guy ever”. Insert grimacing face here. She’s “fallen in love with her best friend again and fallen HARD” and is “so in love, it’s not even funny.” Hell, I think reading all their MySpace and Facebook statuses is funnier than an old school Saturday Night Live marathon. And yes, this is the guy with the heinous knee scar, but she loves him unconditionally.

Sixty-Seven miles may not seem like a LONG-distance relationship but to this Romeo and Juliet it is just enough distance to continually make their friends cough up the acidic juices from their stomachs every time they hear their love lingo or watch their finger race in a text battle to see who can say “I Love You” more than 5 times in the span of sixty seconds. At the time this was written they’ve yet to accomplish that many texts in a one-minute span.

Never fear..this is not a Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt type of couple, no matter how much media coverage they garner for themselves (i.e. 9 million photos of them making out or hugging). Though I doubt love happens twice for the Brad/Jen duo, this is Jennifer Henrichsen and Josh Brown and they got a second chance at fate (sigh immediately followed by raucous, vehement vomiting). Making love popular again.

So just as a good friend would do, I convinced her to start a stomach wrenching earth-shattering blog about her love affair simply so I’d have one more reason than I already do to make fun of her. And here is the start of her soon to be infamous blog…

(of course this is all meant in jest.. I love this couple..scars, hair extensions and all.)