Tuesday, March 15, 2011

numbers don't mean shit.

no really. I always thought that, but being at SXSW this week, my thoughts were confirmed. by a nerd.

short and sweet, so listen:

if any of y'all are on twitter, have you noticed the ones with only a few hundred followers are the better ones to follow? the funnier ones? the ones you converse with? the ones you actually want to meet in real life? I met a guy at a nerdy conference (I chose to be there, so it's OK that I call it a nerd conference). nice guy, semi-funny, little bit in common. so we decided to follow each other on twitter. my first question (yes, out loud) without really filtering (imagine that), was "how do you have 65,000 followers?" I wasn't saying I was better than him, but he didn't seem to bring all that much to the table (or the twitterverse)... he didn't have any recent tweets, wasn't overly funny or even informative. he was just kinda there.

so I started thinking... 65,000 followers doesn't mean shit.

just to explain my point on a different level for those not on twitter (which you should be).

if a woman (say 30'ish) claims she's slept with 20 people, that may sound like a lot. you may think she's a slut (who knows, maybe she is). but if that number is the total number of partners during her entire life sexual escapades, maybe that number isn't so bad.

then another girl you meet says she's been with 5 guys her entire life. then you find out she lost her virginity 3 nights ago and she's already nailed 5 guys. kinda puts the whole number game into perspective, hey?

(note, all girls lie about the number of sexual partners anyways, so the point is moot.)