Tuesday, March 8, 2011

life doesn't always match. (and neither does the paint)

tonight a friend came over for painting party part deux. last week he helped (and by help I mean pretty much did it all) paint an accent wall in my living room HOT PINK and tonight we worked on a wall in my bedroom and painted it turquoise! (I've lived here almost 3 months and had done nothing to make it feel like home, so surprise...it didn't feel like home. at all. and that needed to change.)

as soon as he threw the first blue stroke of paint on the wall, I shrieked, it doesn't match! pointing to my turquoise antique dressers like it was the certifiable end of life. like a guy, and a pretty simple guy at that, he calmly responded, so? life doesn't always match.

so in the middle of painting (remember, he was the one actually painting) I sat down to write this post. I knew his simple words held so much value.

I'm that girl. The one known for wearing neon purple heels with a blue dress and a yellow scarf and wearing it with pride. I'm all about mixing it up and making myself look like a human color palette, and my friends tease me incessantly questioning whether or not I'm color blind.

but what drives me crazy is someone wearing different shades and variations of the "same" color and pretending the pinks are exactly the same, but each shade really sticks out like Ron Artest on fan appreciation day. I cannot stand to clash, which is why I panicked when I thought my new paint color clashed with the dressers that have become a staple to my bedroom style (yes, I have a bedroom style, just ask the boys! relax mom, it's a joke...).

lets take this paint lesson and apply it to life:

first off, it's paint. five letters in the alphabet strung together to form a word. paint is cheap, and so is Mexican labor here in Houston. it can be changed. quickly and often.

second, what fun is life if it's all color coded? because I can't ever turn down a fitting sport's reference, let's use Oregon and their numerous uniform debuts. Historically the Ducks are green and yellow, but they strayed from their marketing pantone color chart by adding silver to their color repertoire (last year on jerseys and this year on helmets). by throwing a new color into the mix, it keeps things fresh. hence the reason throwback jerseys (changes from the norm) are so popular now. it's refreshing.

third, and kind of back to the first - there are do-overs in life and I'm a prime example. I have messed up more times than I'd like to count. I've failed more than my share of math tests, sabatoged relationships, said hurtful things I wish I could take back. I've burnt toast, colored outside the lines, gotten fired, used the wrong word at the wrong time, even laughed at a funeral. I've done a lot of things that I'm not proud of or moments I desperately wish there was a rewind button for, but life really is like paint. It can be the perfect color that has you inviting all the neighbors over, but just as easily, it can turn out a murky green that reminds you of your last hangover. but luckily, neither the paint nor the hangover are permanent.

fourth, like life, there are so many choices when it comes to paint. just the pink variety alone can come in hundreds of shades, different textures, paints made for different parts of your house, and so on. even adding an extra coat can dramatically change the way the color looks. what I'm saying is it's easy to pick the wrong color. or to change your mind. that's what life is all about. rolling with the punches.

remember, if you mess up just paint another coat over it, or learn to embrace the color. it's really that simple.

thank you Sherwin Williams for that life lesson. it came at a much needed time.