Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 2 Month Anniversary To Me..

from getting laid off. I found/still find myself in the same shoes that Lauren was in some eighteen months ago which prompted me to write a post of my own...

and wouldn't you know that without having accomplished much of anything during these two months (even sleep, sadly), the time has still managed to fly by and I've been busier than a street filled with hookers and drug dealers during a Charlie Sheen drive-by.

Up until recently, I'd been stuck SMACK DAB in the middle of Corporate America, the unsexiest of cubicle laden jobs for the most part, and I've always said that if I worked for myself, or if I had time to do anything, well, I would. but now that this coveted time I so longed for has arrived on my doorstep (sans health insurance), I don't know what to do with it. I need some help streamlining things and getting myself organized. I am L.O.V.I.N.G. this whole no-working thing, but truth be told, I'm working myself to the bone. Traveling like crazy because I damn well deserve it, pretending to write, stressing myself out for not pitching a single article, trying to keep a charity afloat, going to the doctor every other day, promising myself I will start running again, painting my apartment hot pick and turquoise hoping to make it feel homey, trying to meet my friends for happy hours but never pulling through...all those things plus a slew of others.

Needless to say, I haven't been nearly as productive (which is not the same as can certainly be busy without being productive, TRUST ME) as I should be during this time.

And. That's. Going. To. Change.
Starting in the morning.

I managed to take the harsh reality of being laid-off like a man, now it's time to take this down time like a man and do something good, productive and fruitful with it.

Now I come to you for help...what have YOU done during your time of unemployment, or what have you heard of others doing to make the most of their time? dreams they've had that they finally had the time to do? ways to organize their thoughts, their job searches, those same dreams that have been on hold for decades on end. please share...for the greater good.

blogger's note.. I managed to post this entry with 3 minutes left on said anniversary.. at least I met my deadline of "sometime today"!

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Lauren said...

Thank you so much for the shout out. If there's anything from my experience that can help other people in similar shoes, it's fantastic.

Right after my layoff, I let myself enjoy not doing anything. Unlike you, I was able to sleep much better (think Peter from Office Space). I ever went on a trip to Italy (pre-arranged). Then, I got real. I'm the type of person who measures herself by what she does.

So I started getting into more of a schedule, pitching places, trying to find work, working on freelance I already had, going to the gym, riding my bike for long stretches since I had time. And I think it all really helped me get to where I am now.

Getting yourself on track will help a lot.