Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where the F was Ryan Wolfe or Gil Grissom on this one?

As the black cloud that I call my life would have it, my car was broken into Thursday night and HPD did not meet my expectations as CSI Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Guatemala, Rhode Island or any of the other 1000 CSI's had so prepared me.

Thanks to this wonderful world of recessionitis we are currently succumbed to, some brokeass fools broke into 18 cars in my apartment complex (I don't think I live in the ghetto...).

They hit the jackpot with my car..you know..the usual stuff you leave in a car..laptop, ipod, navigation, Rockets Tickets, Prada sunglasses, shopping bags with brand new clothes..yeah. And of course it wouldn't be THE blackcloud without forgetting to sign up for renter's insurance.

The man you see in the blue dusting for fingerprints in my car is what I call the typical HPD un-badass. He was not impressed that I asked him to dust for prints. An intern from any of the CSI cast could have printed my car and come up with a match, but not this guy. He was more inclined to ask "Maybe I could take you out to dinner to make up for this bad day? You have my cell...don't hesitate to text me." How 'bout a big fat no and just find out who broke into my car. And I don't recall in any of the 3 million episodes I've seen that they leave the fingerprint dust ALL OVER your car!? Isn't there a clean up crew to clean that up for you? Or some sort of appropriate follow up besides a text message or an email? I mean, really?

Hell, I would have even settled for Callie Ducane on this. As annoying as she is, she would have done the job professionally in a white suit and somehow manage to not break a sweat or get dirty. Because that's real life. Perhaps my expectations were slightly gilded, but I was not impressed with the lack of importance my break-in elicited.

And not that any of the robbers that broke into my car are smart enough to read (though they do have a computer with direct access to this blog, so just maybe they will read this), but we are all in a recession! That doesn't mean you should break into hard working citizen's cars and take my shit. Go get your own.

So if you see me driving around getting lost (no navigation), singing to myself or asking you to sing for me (no ipod), writing in a notebook (no computer) or just cussing someone out like I have turrets (me pissed that the cloud is still around)..now you know why.



Anonymous said...

GIRL, you are too freaking funny. I love it. (and feel bad for you at the same time!)

jb said...

My car got broken into about 5 years ago in Ybor where I has left it overnight b/c I was way too wasted to drive. The TPD reaction when I called to report it? "Why would you leave your car in Ybor overnight?" Right. There was no dusting for fingerprints. We got as far as the genius "deducing" that the brick laying on my back seat was the one used to smash through the window. No. Shit.

Sorry about your bad luck :(

El Cheese said...

you have some crappy luck! when it rains it pours, but then the flowers sprout. you're in for one hell of a garden :-)