Wednesday, April 15, 2009

cheeseburger in paradise..

Even though I'm not Catholic, every year for Lent I choose to give something up. It proves to me that I do have some self control and I usually give up some sort of food because I love to eat and it's kind of amazing how much I eat.  

This year I gave up cheeseburgers and I didn't think I'd make it...but I did.  I went more than 40 days without a freaking cheeseburger and it was torture! Thanks to my favorite co-workers for bringing me a big 'ole cheeseburger today from my favorite place--Southwells.  And like Jimmy Buffett was Cheeseburger in Paradise (I doubt it had anything to do with the thousand pain medications I'm currently taking) because it was hella good.

Nonetheless, I welcome cheeseburgers  back into my world with open arms and of course an open mouth.  Lets ignore the fact I hear myself getting fatter just by smelling you, I'm still happy to have you back in my belly.  Please don't leave me again.  And please don't make me fat.  



Jen said...

HAve you been to "cheeseburger in Paradise" its AMAZING, just thought you should stoked i get ti use elevators/escalators again...Thats what i gave up for lent. I dont think you had to deal with that during that time, but if you would have been with me at Rodeo there is a good chance after walking up 50 flights of ramps we may not have a friendship. Thank god Britt still loves me ;)

Marlen said...

I'm glad we could help put an end to your cheesburger fast. Southwell's is the best!

Tam'ra said...


Lisa said...

I have never heard of this "southwells" place...but I am so tempted to try it now! Yum!

kristi said...

Southwells? is that our lisa commenting as well...i'm surprised she didn't citysearch it!