Wednesday, November 5, 2008

where in the world is Mariska Hargitay?

Yesterday I partook in my civic duty to vote for our 44th president (note, I did not vote for our 44th president, I simply voted).  As you may know, Houston is not the safest, most prestigious city in the nation, and my poll was at a local elementary school in a seemingly dangerous neighborhood.

I figured with the pending election at stake AND being at a public school that security measures would have been taken.  I've long been told A$$uming things is not one of my better qualities.  In order to get to the room to vote, IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, I had to walk through the entire school building, pass 5 classrooms filled with innocent children without having to check in, go through any security or even pass by an officer of the law.  I didn't have to show an ID to enter, nor did I have to state the obvious that I was there to vote.  I contemplated how easy it would be to snatch a child off the monkey-bars simply to make a point to administrators and government officials.  

It's sad to say with today's nation there should have been precautions taken..not for the election and/or its integrity, not for the voters, but for the children at the school.  And for the parents who probably felt confident that their children were in safe and caring hands.  During my 10 minutes on school grounds, the most intimidating employee I saw was a 115 lb. 87 year old woman on the playground for recess with her watchful eye cast over 20 or so children.  All kidding aside, I wasn't even sure if she was alive or not.  

I'm astounded with all the horror stories of child kidnappings and pedophiles out there that these children were exposed to such potential dangers.  While voting for our next president is extremely important, so is every child in every city.  To put them in such peril so we could open additional polls just seems ludicrous and a complete disregard for their safety.  

Sadly I was anxiously awaiting Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni (huge sigh) to show up. Thankfully they weren't needed.  At least this time.