Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a happy camper..

literally.  The one claim to fame I adamantly refuse to give up is that I am the most random person I know.  

If you were one of the lucky ones to receive a text from me tonight asking if it was possible to make s'mores in a candle, this may explain..

As I was watching TV (a mere 10 minutes after working out) I had a huge craving for s'mores.  And this wasn't one of those cravings you could push to the back of your mind and all is forgotten..  It was the kind of craving that pulled me off the couch, broken tibia and all (I can lift weights in case you're wondering how it's possible to work out with a broken tibia), and begged Chris to go to Kroger with me so we could make s'mores

Fast-forward to my kitchen roasting marshmallows on a chopstick using my bathroom candle (unscented of course, so it wouldn't compromise the taste).  Hail the gooey deliciousness! 

I wasn't able to perfect the "campfire" taste using a candle, but it made my night nonetheless and I'm thankful for random Tuesday nights.  And of course Chris made fun of me for throwing out the "I'm a happy camper" pun.  I'm pretty sure I still have chocolate all over my face and I love it.  



Sarah said...

You can also use the microwave, but you still would not have quite that campfire flare ...

El Cheese said...

you are hilarious! i do have to say that i have never tried to do the roasting over a CANDLE!