Sunday, November 9, 2008

one of the many reasons I can't stand (almost hate) myspace..

if you're trying to get a girl back after you've screwed her over once, you might consider changing your status from "In a Relationship" and your profile pic currently making out with another girl before friend requesting "the one that got away".  

and the fact she's your number one friend and completely accessible to me is amazing.  utterly. but don't worry..I simply don't care enough to tattle.  carry on.  this was humorous and I had to share.  (for the inquiring minds out there, I'm still in the "I don't know if I ever want a boyfriend again" phase.)

this solidifies my reasons for associating myspace and facebook with CRAP.  (already on the list of what NOT to date is "divorced". please add "myspace'er" to the list.)

(all of that aside, I find it ironic that the second you become available, the same guys that lied and cheated on you before are back swearing they learned the error of their ways.  Well guess what..I learned a few things myself.  Yet I can't help but feel bad for people.  It's such a shock to your system and so painful to realize you gave your entire self to someone that didn't do the same.  Doesn't anyone remain faithful anymore?  Note to self...There is a reason they're in your past...)



KEITH said...

ohhhhh snap!