Monday, October 27, 2008

PINK ladies

(caption 1-frikkin fairies)
(caption 2-the winning PINK ladies team)

Sadly, I can't cross a round of golf off my 101/1001 quite yet, but I did "participate" in the Pink Ladies Golf Tournament at Sugar Creek today and had a blast. The tournament was a 9-hole course designed mostly for beginners and our foursome, get this...WON. (And just to clarify for the nay-sayers out there, we won LOWEST score, not highest score.)

It was to benefit the American Cancer Society right in Fort Bend County and I spent time with some of my co-workers...dressed in pink, drinking pink champagne, riding around in decorated golf carts.

My favorite shirt was "I support second base". Can't wait to do this again next year as reigning champions and come up with new and improved costumes and cart decorations.

I miss Cindy Blamire.