Thursday, December 23, 2010


Trying to talk Sarah into helping me finish up this list as much as possible, so updated again tonight!

I was talking about this list tonight, so felt the need to update it! Still really wanna go camping (of course when Houston gets back to temperatures in the two digits)...

At the ripe old age of twenty-six (I was 26 when I started this project, now I'm 27) I've become startling aware that there is so much more to life and I have so much more I want and need to do..personally, professionally, randomly..

At the risk of sounding platitudinal, I feel I've yet to put my best foot forward, so in light of my quarter-life crisis I came across 101/1001. I'll update as items are crossed off, and I won't be offended if you decide to give me encouragement and comment me..I'll need it

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days? Many people have created lists in the past — frequently simple goals such as new year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

start date..September 4, 2008
end date..June 1, 2011

completed ones are pink
in no particular order..
italics are recent thoughts or updates...

01 Pop in that Rosetta Stone Spanish edition and get to work
02 Go Skydiving
03 Write a children's book (and get published)
04 Take pictures in a photobooth (Thanks for the Christmas present Lisa and Kristi..12.26.08)
05 Get my passport stamped (someplace other than Mexico) quickly learned that Puerto Rico does not count...- dangit, just got Cabo stamped, but that obviously is Mexico...
06 Workout 450 times (a little over 3x week) - I mean, was I drunk when I came up with this arbitrary number?? NOT GOING TO MAKE THIS ONE
07 Plan a black and white dinner party (and cook it myself)
08 Go to a movie alone
09 Go to church at least 1x month..I love New Hope Church in Pearland! NOT GOING TO MAKE THIS ONE
10 Play a round of golf...yet to play a full round. I guess 9 holes and driving ranges don't count.
11 Paint my nails once a week..doing money on this one, but it's actually every other day.
12 Go an entire month without honey mustard
13 Buy a bread machine (should have added to actually use it...)
14 Buy a house...sort of
15 Save $10k/year (unless of course I buy a house)
16 Go to a Yoga or Pilates class (not a fan, just saying)
17 Write a letter to someone who least expects it
18 Send my mom flowers just because
19 Post something
20 Create my writer's portfolio..DUNZO..check it out
21 Create my advertising/professional portfolio soft of did this here
22 Run a 1/2 marathon..need to sign up for another one since I broke my leg during the last one, damn the bad luck. signed up for another one on January 30, 2011 with Jen. JUST DID THIS!! Houston Half Marathon with Jen and Josh!
23 Go camping..this will be covered in Aspen with Sarah in May!
25 Have a ring designed for me..waiting on the lovely Isabella Dean to help me out on this one!
26 Babysit a child for free so the parents can have a night out
27 Visit Napa OR Martha's Vineyard (Sophie and I are planning this)
28 Be taken on a picnic (hint, hint)..and I loved it..THANK YOU! I want to go on many more!
29 Go to a comedy show
30 Visit a local restaurant/bakery once a month.
.Sept 08: Fish City Grill (not bad) and Oh la la Bakery..amazing! Black Walnut Cafe in Rice Village.. Oct 08: La Madeline, Free Mason Abbey in Virginia (what the hell took me so long to find the shecrab soup here?), Texadelphia, Kraftsmen Baking.. Nov 08: Cafe Brasil (great grilled cheese minus the pounds of pesto), Farragos, Breakfast Klub, Baby Barnaby's, Shade.. Dec 08: La Vista, Backdoor Cafe..Jan 09: Lopez, aka sushi, Vietopia, Ruggles Green, Ziggys Healthy Grill..Feb 09: Mai's on Milam, Empire Cafe, Cheddars..Mar 09: Divino, The Tea Room in FW, Sage 400, Pronto, Zushi, Live Oak Grill, The Chocolate Bar, Little Bigs, Candelaris..Apr 09: The Daily Review, Dragonbowl, 11st St. Cafe (do NOT recommend food-wise), Paulies, Harrys..I lost count, but I will consider this one done since trying these new places has been so fun and amazing!
31 Learn to shoot a gun (and proper safety)
32 Scan and upload pre-digital photos (hopefully I can find them all) THIS IS NO LONGER EVEN SOMETHING I WANT TO DO
33 Potty train the teacup
34 Go snowboarding each season (Steamboat Feb. 25, 09, Keystone February 2011, Tahoe March 2011) - wait I had to have gone somewhere in 2010?
35 Sew my own handbag and one for a friend
36 Become advanced/expert in Illustrator
37 Get published at least 20 times (in at least 4 publications)..Sept 08--1 story in Barstool Magazine, Oct 08--2 stories in Barstool Magazine, Nov 08--1 story in Barstool Magazine, 1 story in Envy, Dec 08--1 story in Barstool Magazine, Jan 09--1 story in Barstool Magazine, Feb 09--1 story in Barstool Magazine, Mar 09--1 story in Envy, 2 stories in Barstool, Apr 09--1 story in Barstool, 1 story in Rose Rich Magazine, 1 story in Fort Bend Focus...crap, I lost count of this too, but pretty sure I completed it!
38 Watch the entire SATC series (just completed season 1 & 2 and bought the rest)
39 Donate $5 for each unattained task at end of 1001 days (charity TBD)
40 Keep my job and get a raise..this will be tough in today's economy, but I really do enjoy my job.. I laid off in January 2011. Does this mean I should donate $2.50 to charity for this one?
41 Enjoy my job
42 Don't sweat the small stuff..really doing well at this one thanks to my mom - she's such an inspiration.
43 Declutter my possessions (get rid of the junk)--just did a big purge, but always room for more purging!
44 Read every blog here
45 Read this
46 Create my own banner for my blog (still need to make a better one)
47 Go to Vegas again
(with Amy in November 2010)
48 Listen to more Frank Sinatra
49 Take a cooking class...I just attended one, does this count??
50 Play trivial pursuit
51 Learn my geography (and have someone quiz me)
52 Make my own holiday cards
53 Spend a day going to garage sales with a good friend..I went antiquing with Kasey, so this will pass for me.
54 Go one month without Marble Slab-Oct 08!
55 Learn to play cribbage
56 DT
57 Dress in a sexy costume even when it's not Halloween
58 Use coupons (I think I meant grocery store when I wrote this, but I don't really go grocery shopping)
59 Take a train (dying to take an extended Amtrak trip somewhere... I mean DYING)
60 Purchase stock I have changed this one to..Get 50+ members for Charity Chicks Houston (now have over 4000 members!)
61 Turn someone on to Three Olives Cherry and Coke (tastes just like Dr. Pepper) Thanks to one of my doctors for trying this!
62 Become a brunch go'er
63 Wear slippers...I bought THESE
64 Make my bed on weekdays
65 Make out, no comment here.
66 Be open-minded
67 Learn to hug friends and get over the personal space issue
68 Go to an Eagles game (I've obviously been to many, but want to go to another)
MNF vs. Redskins 11/15/10 and Eagles/Cowboys 1/2/11
69 Buy and read a devotional book (it's a FSU devotional, which is amazing!)
70 Write a love letter (purely love, no griping)
71 Keep a gratitude journal--list 5 things I'm grateful for each day for 30 days
72 Thank Keith often for his help..doing well on this, but still have a lot of work!
73 Attend high tea
74 Chalk a sidewalk (including hopscotch) - did this on our road trip
75 Cook 15 new recipes out of Hungry Girl Cookbook
76 Go roller-skating (Jane, this is all you) - did an 80s roller skating party for Charity Chicks and it was a BLAST
77 Go to a drive-in movie
78 Join a marketing networking group--AMA
79 Go rock climbing
80 Convince someone else to start a 101/1001 list (I did this but can't remember who dangit!)
81 Do a monthly update on this list on my blog (so far so good)
82 Take a road trip with friends (must be longer than 4 hours)--I'm pretty sure NYC counts!
83 Laugh out loud everyday (if end of day nears, call KristiK!)
84 Spend an hour in a hammock (no cell allowed) (done in Puerto Rico!)
85 Meet a celebrity
..met lots of athletes this year and Danny from Jersey Shore (the t-shirt store owner..ha!)
86 Pray for Britney Spears' comeback (her new CD is awesome, I'm going to her concert in March and E! News just announced she is officially back! The power of prayer :) )
87 Buy 600 thread count sheets (bought 620!)
88 Burn candles often
89 See SNL taping in person
90 Go to a college football game (OHUP in Boston!)..well we didn't technically go to the game..we just went to a bar and got wasted so this is still on the list! Longhorns vs UCLA and FSU 2010 Homecoming!!
91 Learn coding
92 Make Denali fall in love with the bark park NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN
93 Find a razor that can actually shave my knees (Thanks to Tamra's recommendation of Schick Quattro..but I changed my mind on this..there isn't a razor in existence that can accomplish this task without making my knees bleed.)
94 Keep my place stocked with bottles of wine (doing really well on this)
95 Earn $100 ad revenue from this blog
96 Create a filing system (online and paper)
97 Make 2 random mixed cds for friends and surprise them (Jane and Pope)
98 Figure out issuu
99 Twenty-six things project
100 Make a conscious effort to stop complaining
101 Party like it's 1999 on day 1001



adam said...

Great list Jayme! Some funny. Some really (really) sad~jk. I can help out with 9, 10 (putt-putt), 28, 50, 86, and if you’re lucky 65.

KEITH said...

#72 is quite unmeasureable... but thank you for including me.

KEITH said...

tomorrow it will be 2-weeks since you started this list... i see nothing crossed off. step it up.

Tam said...

#93 - try the Schick Quattro for women - I love it!

#94 - I'll be swinging by after work to have some wine. :) I luuurve wine.

Sarah said...

Can I be your friend for 35? Joy and I will voulunteer to help you with 47 and 57. I will try 61. please take pics of 74. I hope I am with you to be in these pics. So up for 82, want to drive all the way from JAX to LA on I-10.

jlamm said...

sadly without looking I knew exactly which ones were 47 and 57 simply by the volunteer status from you and Joy! Let's get on them! and yes, you have first dibs for 35 so consider it done!

Sarah said...

Forgot to mention 68 and 90. Maybe the Eagles will come to TPA in '09? I will review FSU's schedule as soon as it comes out and advise. How awesome would it be if all the stars align and we can do both in the same weekend?

jb said...

How fun is shooting a gun? I might have a problem...

Steph said...

Why jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane??

Dana said...

So I'm starting this list now. So you knock # 80 off yours...Don't be mad if I steal a couple of yours though :)

Sarah said...

We will do 5, 27 or 59 (if a 3 day trip can count as extended that is) either Easter Weekend or Memorial Day. Xoxo