Wednesday, May 25, 2011

when will she ever learn...nothing is ever off the record.

my mother. cute. funny. doesn't like bad words. I thought about writing a post about this conversation, but instead decided to treat you with the copy / paste version directly from our Facebook chat this afternoon:

that son of a _itch
you are such a freak

thank you<3

you won't like an article I just pitched. it has the word FUCK in it like 4 times. and I said piss (but I did mention you don't like that word, in the article)

why would you write something with the _uck word?

because it's part of the article
it's centered around the word, you can spell it out mother, you won't be shot to hell
You told them I didn't like the 'piss' word but didn't mention that I didn't like the _uck word? Great mom

you just need to embrace my foul mouth. life will be so much easier
you've never actually said you didn't like the word fuck. you ALWAYS comment when I say piss.
You need to clean that mouth out with DAWN soap.
I think the _uck should be implied
you are so weird.
how did you give birth to such a badass?
me? really?
I ask myself that alot
perhaps I really was switched at birth. like on a Lifetime movie.

well I wasn't put out, so I knew what you looked such luck on your part

still could make for a good Lifetime movie. Tori Spelling could play me.
Who should play you?
Tori Spelling...from 90210?

yes, the one with the crazy spaced out fake boobs. she does a lot of Lifetime movies

Sophia Loren, but she's reall old now

so are you.
I'm not eighty

really though, you are pretty old.


oh she's that old? well you have to pick someone realistic, duh.

if you keep sunning yourself, you'll look older than me very soon.
daddy doesn't know who would play me either
you just asked him?

someone with some spunk

how exactly did you ask that? I can't comprehend him understanding any portion of this conversation

yes, he walked in
he's going to the store now
what is this? a play by play of the life of a boring retired man?

well he did go bowling earlier he said. I've been home about thirty minutes.
one of the girls from work is leaving so I'm suppose to go to Abuelo's, but I really don;t feel like going.
need to check my work you!
why not? go have a margarita!

Renae is offline.


Jennifer Davenport said...

i love you both and i am so fucking glad i am related ;) hehe
♥ jenn