Wednesday, April 27, 2011

everyone has a secret.

To say that I'm fuming after watching tonight's episode of Real World - Las Vegas would be an understatement. Judge me if you will for watching reality tv (and for being passionate, upset, and in an all out uproar about it), but do not judge me, or anyone else for that matter for their past.

Tonight's episode was some crazy and dramatic down and out about how Dustin, one of the roommates, used to do porn after high school. I cannot believe there are six individuals in this world (obviously there are a lot more) that will sit there and judge this guy for his past.

Am I an advocate of porn? No. Although I do watch it from time to time (sorry mom and dad). Am I an advocate of gay porn? No again. These people have lived in this house 6 weeks tops, and they are now questioning who this guy is because he was on film for money? HELLO - you're all on film for money! And everyone one of you has had sex on camera (thanks MTV) except for that tragic looking Mike boy. And you're judging?

This wouldn't be the first time MTV has done a heinous job editing the film (remember on The Hills when Lauren and Brody went on a date and she had black nail polish and by the time she came home from the same date it was red?), so maybe that's what happened here. But the other six roommates acted in this episode as if this Dustin character was a sham. As if his entire existence was a lie. Who the hell doesn't have a secret they wish would stay just that, a secret? If you have no secrets in life, either A) Kudos to you for being so entirely, ridiculously open with your life or B) You haven't lived a very fun and eventful life.

Oh and the best part of tonight's episode, which I had to rewind on DVD 4 different times to make sure I heard it correctly. After Heather acts totally wronged (which she should know important details like this, but it's really not the end of the world) and as Dustin is devastated of his leaked secret, she hugs him and whispers I love you.

Wow, please don't sign me up for that kind of love. The 'I love you so much until I learned you had a past that has zero to do with who you are right this minute and the man you've become' kind of love.

And don't even get me started on the episode a few weeks ago when Nani drunkenly confesses she's been a victim of domestic abuse. Because coming from a girl who truly has, I wouldn't dare put myself in the position to try to fight AND beg a violent drunk man to hit me. If you've ever gone through that shit, you don't put yourself in the same scenario. You cower in the corner and learn from what happened and learn to tell the signs and get the hell away from a volatile person. Stupid girl.