Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Black Cloud..in the form of TWEETING, not texting

If you don't know me (or haven't read a single post I've ever written) you may not be aware of 'de black cloud' that belongs to yours truly. This little guy follows me everywhere.

So for simple humor, let me tell you about a brief incident today. For those that didn't know (don't worry, you are not alone), texting while driving through a school zone is against the law in Texas and many other states.

As 'de black cloud' would have it, I got pulled over today and it went a little something like this:

officer: ma'am, did you know it was illegal to text while driving in a school zone?
defensive me: but officer, I was tweeting, not texting..
unimpressed officer: license and registration please
me: crap. this is a rental, I don't know if there is registration in here.
nosey officer: why do you have a rental?
me without a filter: I wrecked my car last week driving while texting.
Officer proceeds to smirk and write a ticket.

Just a day in the life of JLamm. I firmly believe they should revise the law to include tweeting and emailing..



Surge said...

that isnt safe.. its illegal here to text at all while driving..

Sports Chump said...

Why do I have a hard time believing you couldn't flirt your way out of that ticket.

I'm game. Let's exchange blogrolls.

Marie said...

Several weeks ago I got a disappointing head-shake from a motorcycle cop while I was texting at a red light. Tisk Tisk on me. I can't say I credit the dirty look he gave me, but I'm now more conscious of my phone use habits while driving and actually trying to limit the typing and use an earpiece.
No tweet or text is worth your safety. Save travels my dear!

El Cheese said...

jesus jayme... work on your filter and lie a bit...LOL!

Kevin Yu said...

be careful homie!