Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the pursuit of happiness

The three aspects of man's unalienable rights are "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", so says our Declaration of Independence. Ever wonder what would happen if you stopped pursuing said happiness?

Maybe you don't realize it, but everyday you wake up, you are pursuing happiness. Just by getting out of bed you are pursuing happiness..looking for something in your day to bring you joy. You eat food that makes you happy. You spend time with people that make you happy. You dress in clothes that make you feel good, which in turn makes you happy. Women wear makeup and get their hair done because again, it makes them feel good leading to happiness.

Being "happy" isn't a given everyday. We must do our best to put our best foot forward and remind ourselves to be happy. I read books and research topics that interest me, because it makes me feel more intelligent. Feeling intelligent makes me happy. We all have our habits, our quirks that bring happiness to our lives.

Hopefully when you go to bed at night you feel blessed and thankful and happy from something in your life that puts a smile on your face. God-forbid you wake up one morning and it's gone. You have to pursue happiness again. It isn't guarantee to be there. Happiness comes from within and that's one of the scariest thoughts of all.

I would certainly call myself a happy person on many levels, but content I am not. Maybe that's why I'm in love with the concept of the pursuit of happiness. Maybe that's why this self-evident truth gives me hope. It's not necessarily about the end result or acquisition of being happy, it's the perpetual pursuit of always looking for more.

I may be happy today, but maybe the pursuit of happiness will lead me to a happier tomorrow. Let's hope so.



fupped duck said...

Best "food" forward??? Freudian slip perhaps? Daddy loves ya!

Anonymous said...

love it, james. thanks.