Sunday, January 25, 2009

Use Discretion with your Facebook Photos..

Let me be the first to break the news to you..the number of photos on your facebook page does not correlate to the number of friends you have or the amount of "fun" in your life (nor should it).  I'm still new to facebook, but this whole phenomenon of tagging photos and adding unattractive pictures of your friends completely escapes me.  

If I had a somewhat large friend, I sure as hell wouldn't post a photo of her in a bikini that would make her feel uncomfortable or add to the fat factor.  If I snapped a picture of a good friend making out with a guy that just so happened to be her boyfriend's best friend, I wouldn't post that on facebook either.  

I feel like people want to post as many pictures as possible as if to say "Look at me..look how much fun I had this weekend.  Look at all the people I got to hang with."  It's not a competition folks.  Haven't you heard...quality far out weighs quantity.  If you have lots of great pictures that don't piss your friends off, then bring it!

Maybe it's just me and perhaps I'm shallow and all that good stuff, but I wouldn't want any pictures of my friends looking less than average on my page.  Food for thought.

FTLOG, use discretion.



JLL INGRAM said...

this blog caught my attention. i immediately thought of a girl we went to school with (not in a sorority) who i want to call "myspace queen." every other day she post pictures of her and her friends "posing" in their skimpy, not cute, outfits with their bleached hair and fake tans. it makes me laugh. do they really take themselves that seriously? i don't get people like that. it's not just posting mean pics of your's taking the SAME damn photos of yourself and putting them online. anyway.. to each their own but it's annoying as shit.


jb said...

God I love you for this. I am constantly untagging myself. If i have one eye closed or an extra buldge, I do not want it on the internet! If I see pics of myself I don't like I don';t hesitate to ask the person to remove them. Might be high maintence, but whatever, I did not give written permission to use my likeness.

El Cheese said...

oh so agree. i went in and changed my setting so any "tags" that I have, no one else can see. but yes, no reason to post ugly pics of people. let's all be nice :-)